Blogging From Florida - Becky Buller Writes Again!

Becky Buller

Hey, folks!

From the last Wal-Mart I blogged about, VSLP headed for the coast.  We spent a relaxing couple hours at the Sebastian Inlet State Park beach dodging venomous Portuguese Man-of-War.  (Should I say "Men-of-War?"  There was at least a company of them.)

Portuguese Man-of-War at Sebastien Inlet
Val and I walked down the pier to chat with the fisherman and their pet pelicans while David recorded the sound of the waves.

We drove on up to Daytona, Fla., where Bike Week was in full swing.  Harleys, Harleys everywhere!  After a stop at Denny's, we found a relatively quite Lowe's parking lot where we did some rehearsing.

When practice was over, David set up his mobile recording unit for me and I cut a few demos with just myself and the guitar.  They turned out pretty well, although we had to pause a few times when a herd of hogs or the odd emergency vehicle thundered past.

Remote Recording
The main demo we needed to cut was for our friend Turtle Bob and his wife Michele.  Bob came to our songwriting workshops on this year's Bell Buckle Music Cruise with an assignment from his wife to write a song about her, which he and I managed to do.  It's a fun little country shuffle called "I Don't Know Why You Love Me."  Come see us at the Florida State Bluegrass Festival in Perry April 1st & 2nd and we'll sing it for you.

Friday night, after more rehearsing, the band humored me and watched "Bed Knobs and Broomsticks."  Although written by the same lady, it's just not as classic as "Mary Poppins."  The animals' soccer game was fun, though.

Up A Creek at the Seafood Fest
Bob and Michele met up with us this weekend at the 30th annual Lions' Seafood Festival in St. Augustine, Fla., along with our friend Virgil and his daughter.  It was great to see our friends the Saltwater Cowgirls again as well as Lonesome Bert and the Skinny Lizards.  (He had a new electric tambourine rig with even better tone this year.  Awesome!)  Finally got hear Grandpa's Cough Medicine, too, and other great acts.  And Up A Creek was there with us on Saturday.  Jo Odom was the MC and, bless her heart!, she did an interview with me for our radio show.

Val & Jim Stafford
from Eclipse Record Co

The weather was gorgeous and sunny during the day and slightly coolish at night.  Oh, and you should have seen the pirates!  Folks were having their pictures made with pirates with all proceeds going to fund cancer research.  Arrrrrr, me mateys!  Special thanks to Jim, Tom and all the guys at Eclipse Recording Company for the wonderful sound all weekend.

Chocolate Covered
Key-Lime Pie On A Stick

While Val and J. Greogry tried out the seafood at the festival, I went right for dessert:  chocolate covered frozen key lime pie (with graham cracker crust) on a stick.  Mmm.  Divine!  The fresh fruit popsicles from The Hyppo in on Hypolita St. were yummy, too.  I tried the honey pear.

North Carolinian Sock Toe Rag Rug

And I had to get a couple handmade rag rugs from the North Carolinian clawhammer banjo-pickin' granddad who weaves them from specially dyed sock toes on his loom.

Sightseeing and Cuban food tomorrow!

Coming up this weekend we'll be at the Church at the Mall in Lakeland, Fla., Friday night, Int'l Market World Bluegrass & BBQ Festival Saturday in Auburndale, Fla., and doing a Relay For Life fundraiser for the Auburndale Police Dept. on Sunday.  Hope to see you there!  More info at:  http://www.valeriesmithonline.com/tour.cfm

Fried Alligator
Emma & Artie, the newest VSLP Fans!

More Pictures

Over and out.

Becky Buller

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