Irish Bluegrass Band Reaches No. 1 on Radio Downloads


Bluegrass, Roots Country, and Americana artists hit#1 on the Bluegrass/Folk Category for downloads and are #6 on the top 50 downloads for all genres for the month of March.

The Niall Toner Band from Ireland are celebrating their music reaching the number one download spot on the bluegrass and folk charts for Air Play Direct for March. The band also reached #6 on the top 50 of all genres. It's only been four weeks since the band launched thirty-eight of their original songs to Air Play Direct but this week the band hit the number one slot with a massive 268 Radio Station downloads from around the World.

This is a very significant first for an Irish Bluegrass, Americana, and Roots Country Band and has resulted in an incredible response from Club Owners and Festival Organizers across the USA, as well as an increased demand for CDs and downloads at both Amazon.com and iTunes, and from the band’s website www.nialltonerband.com

Niall Toner hails originally from Harold's Cross in Dublin, Ireland’s Capital City. In 2001 with Clem O’Brien and Dick Gladney he formed the Niall Toner Band. Niall is widely regarded as one of Ireland's leading experts on Bluegrass and American Country Music. Niall has also been nominated for several PPI Radio Awards. Niall has written extensively on the subject of bluegrass and country music, and his articles have been published in Hot Press, Irish Music Magazine, In Dublin Magazine, Country Music Plus, Bluegrass Unlimited and Maverick Magazine. In 2003, Niall's contribution to Country Music was honored by the CMA in Nashville, in the form of a nomination for a Global Artist Award, and his three all-original CDs with Naill Toner Band There's A Better Way, Mood Swing, and NTB3 have been widely acclaimed for their originality and the quality of their songs and instrumentals.

“It is our hope that folks will enjoy the music we perform,” said Niall Toner. “I grew up around bluegrass and country music, the artists, and people who enjoy listening to live music. We are extremely excited that we now have the opportunity to bring our music from Ireland to a larger audience worldwide and hope this may bring about additional touring to the United States and elsewhere.”

Niall Toner is widely regarded as one of Ireland's leading experts on Bluegrass and American Country Music and Niall's songs have been recorded by many artistes, including Bill Wyman [ Rolling Stones ], The Nashville Bluegrass Band, Albert Lee, Special Consensus, Keith Sewell, The Swanson Family, The Fleadh Cowboys, and more.


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