Image634549594434200000The brand-new CD project from Eddie and Martha Adcock with Tom Gray and Friends, is on Patuxent Records (# 228)...and we couldn't be happier, especially that friends are joining us for this!

Eddie and Tom are, of course, former bandmates in the 'Classic' Country Gentlemen, IBMA Hall-of-Famers. By the way, Tom (founding member of the Seldom Scene) is playing concerts with us again whenever possible. We love having his athletic, creative, high-energy style on stage with us, and it's great to have an album together.
Guesting on the CD are Gene Johnson on vocals and mandolin, Missy Raines on bass on several cuts, plus Pete Kuykendall's baritone on one cut, and Wes Easter's banjo-twinning on one cut. Wes, mixing/mastering engineer for the project, is a fine banjo player with deep knowledge of the 'Classic' Country Gents. Pete Kuykendall, editor emeritus of 'Bluegrass Unlimited', is a former Gent himself. Missy spent 8 1/2 years in the Eddie Adcock Band; and Gene (a member of country group Diamond Rio for two decades now) was a member of II Generation with the Adcocks in the early '70s. Nobody's a stranger !
Martha Adcock, Tom Mindte of Patuxent Records, Eddie Adcock
...And the songs? This project is 'Classic' Country Gentlemen classics, something we've long wanted to 're-wax' in our own way. Sure hope you like it too.
The songs are: 1.Many A Mile, 2.Down Where the Still Waters Flow, 3.New Freedom Bell, 4.He Was a friend of Mine, 5.Two Little Boys, 6.Amelia Earhart's Last Flight, 7.Mary Dear, 8.Nightwalk, 9.I Am Weary, Let Me Rest, 10.Matterhorn, 11.Darling Little Joe, 12.Helen, 13.Bringing Mary Home, 14.This Morning At Nine.
You can find "Many A Mile" at your favorite bluegrass outlet, or you can order from us, or contact Patuxent Records at mail@pxrec.com or visit their website, www.pxrec.com for more info. DJ's: you can elect to receive a hard-copy version or download from Airplay Direct.
Incidentally, Patuxent Records, at our request, pushed up the release of the CD for us to have it in time for this fall's IBMA World of Bluegrass week; indeed, we had it the week before at IBMM's Bill Monroe Centennial.  Having had no time to proof the cover printing, the photo and colors need to be tweaked on the next printing run -- meanwhile, we are considering the first CD's issued to be special collector's items!
And Eddie & Martha got around to signing with Patuxent Records in a meeting with company head Tom Mindte during an eventful IBMA World of Bluegrass!
And here's a few folks' responses to the CD....
  • ......Martha - I'm having trouble putting into words my reaction to "Many A Mile." I could easily write a book about it, and to say anything less seems like a disservice. The choice of material, execution, and production are all flawless. "Down Where the Still Waters Flow'' brought tears of nostalgia - Charlie would have been proud of your delivery. The whole album is just so impressive! You guys scored a home run on this one. Bob Peelstrom, writer, promoter and fan...
  • ......I played along with your new totally bluegrass CD "Many A Mile". The cuts were familiar but at the same time always fresh and original. Especially enjoyed Eddie's break on "Two Little Boys". The CD is enjoyable, laid back and flowing. Great job. Richard Dress, musicologist and fan...
  • Got my CD in the mail and Love it!! Thanks so much to you both. Perry McKinney, fan
  • I think it's about the BEST you've done !!!!! Jim Amrhein, fan

* HE’S BAAA-AACK!: Eddie’s doing well these days, getting ever better and gathering steam, and we thank everyone for their love, prayers and concern during DBS brain surgeries, the first being in August 2008, and the latest two in January 2011 and July 2011. He’s enjoying playing creating and touring and is sounding fine, so imagine how thankful we BOTH are! 
Eddie's remarkable story has been seen/heard/read around the world in every media because it’s fascinating, cutting-edge stuff …no pun intended. But if you missed hearing about the surgery --he was playing banjo during it!-- please visit some of the links below. Prepare to be amazed...

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