Asheville’s Red June Goes Back into the Studio

Image634552231595050000Red June is heading back into the studio in November to record their second full-length album after their debut recording, Remember Me Well, received great regional success.

Red June performing Callahan from their album, Remember Me Well, at the Broomfield Auditorium in Broomfield, CO. This tune was written by John's grandfather, legendary fiddler Jim Shumate.

Their Kickstarter campaign page says: “We have made the exciting but difficult decision to commit our time and energy to managing our own business, to
booking shows and touring, and to the process of creating music.

 In order to do that, we have had to scale back our other careers that have carried us to this point.  It's tempting to say that we do this on our own, but we know better.  Without you, the work we feel so passionately about cannot come full circle.” 
To find out more about us, please visit www.redjunemusic.com.

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