Monroe Crossing On International Search for New Banjo Player!

After performing with the band for the past five years, Benji Flaming, Monroe Crossing’s banjo player, has announced his upcoming retirement from the band.

Benji is ready to move on from "life on the road" to engage in other artistic pursuits.  Benji is a man of many talents and has great plans for the future.

Guitar player Derek Johnson said for the band in a statement released yesterday; “We will miss working with Benji but we wish him well in his further projects.”

With that said, Monroe Crossing is currently engaged in an international search for Benji's replacement.   Some great prospects are already being considered, but with a mighty big bowler hat to fill, they're hoping to see as many people as possible.

Monroe Crossing has been actively taking video applications from banjo players around the globe and are still taking applications before they narrow down the field and engage in more detailed auditions. Any skilled banjo players out there who are interested in playing in a full time, internationally touring bluegrass band, can find more information at: http://tinyurl.com/MC-banjo

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