New Reviewer On Board for Prescription Bluegrass CD Reviews!

...Question: Wha'd ya get when ya put two kids and their Pa into a recordin' studio?
Answer: A good family togetherness project?
Prescription Bluegrass would like to introduce a brand new (older than dirt -ha ha TB) CD reviewer to our lineup.  Welcome Temperance Bellerin!

You can read his first review (The Snyder Family - "Stages") here.

Mr. Bellerin is a senior broadcaster with years (more than one full lifetime - according to him) of experience critiquing music.  He began by reviewing live music and graduated to music director for his local radio station where he began what became a life-long passion in radio broadcasting.  Now semi-retired, TB has volunteered to write a few lines for us now and then when he feels he has something to say.

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