Prescription Bluegrass To Get Exclusive Advance Release of New Heather Berry Christmas CD!

Image634546135765284603Mountain Fever Records is proud to announce they will be releasing a Christmas CD from Heather Berry.  We'll spread the word all about it in just a couple more weeks.

Mountain Fever’s Mark Hodges has promised Prescription Bluegrass will get an advance exclusive piece of the project as soon as they have something ready – Keep watching more info about that.
Meanwhile, Heather is also busy with her “Song-A-Day” project on You-Tube

OK, so maybe it won't actually keep the doctors away but music is definitely good for the soul. And music from Heather Berry-Mabe, well, that's just good for everybody! Heather is taking on the task of posting a video every day for and entire year of her performing a different song each time. She's just on day 9 and already the response has been overwhelming. To view her videos and hear a "song a day", log onto Heather's YouTube channel at www.YouTube.com/HeatherBerry87. And if you're real lucky, maybe Heather will invite her husband Tony, to join her on a song or two.
For more information on The Heather Berry & Tony Mabe Show, please visit www.HeatherBerryMusic.com.

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