A Tearful Laurie Lewis Receives “Performer Award” from Best of the West!

Image634550698555835095Congratulations to Laurie Lewis!
Laurie has been honored with the 2011 Performer Award from the Folk Alliance Far-West, the western regional chapter of Folk Alliance International.

Steve Brogden, President of Far-West Folk Alliance Region West spoke with Front Page Bluegrass News back in August when the announcement of Laurie's selection was made.

The  "Best of the West" awards were created in 2005 to honor musicians and others within the FAR-West folk community whose talents and efforts on behalf of the community over a period of time have established them as true leaders in our communities.

These awards, one to performer and one to a non-performer, an Ambassador, are given annually at the FAR-West conference.

Past Performer honorees of this award include:
2005:  Lowen and Navarro
2006:  Utah Phillips
2007:  Rosalie Sorrels
2008:  The  Kingston Trio
2009:  Joe Craven
2010:  John McEuen, founding member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

FAR-West, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, was incorporated in 2003 in California and is run entirely by volunteers.

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