FestivalLink.net Adds Two Performances of Interest!

Image634562555284670000FestivalLInk.net is a service that professionally records “Live Festival” events and then makes them available for download purchase to the public.  Many times the recordings are not available elsewhere.
Two new downloads became available this past week that may  be of specific interest to Bluegrass Fans.

Image634562552074320000MEADOWGRASS IN COLORADO   Grass-roots fests are some of our favorites; a charmer is MeadowGrass, an Americana festival held outside of Colorado Springs, in the beautiful Black Forest. La Foret, a rustic estate turned retreat center, is the idyllic setting for this fest held over Memorial Day weekend.

The first shows from 2011 are now available.


The Quiet Valley Ranch hosts two folk fests each year, the venerable Kerrville Folk Festival and the newer fall event, Kerrville Music and Wine Festival, also known as "Big Folk" and "Little Folk."
All summer we’ve been enjoying auditioning Kerrville recordings, and now there are nearly 30 shows from 2010 and 2011 available.  Watch for more performances from Music and Wine; a big batch just arrived from Texas.
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FestivaLink.net's mission is to capture "festival moments" and make them widely available while the memories of the show are fresh in your mind.
We help keep memorable music alive by releasing recordings from the archives of festivals, clubs, and radio shows.

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About FestivaLink.net recordings:
FestivaLink.net recordings are not simple board tapes. We work hand in hand with an all-pro recording team, capturing every note in high-resolution audio. Then, the recordings are carefully mixed and mastered, and offered in three popular formats: protection-free and speedy MP3s and CD-quality FLAC downloads compatible with your iPod or other MP3 player, and the still-popular and convenient CD, sent to you by mail.

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