Aussies Love X-Train’s Brand of Bluegrass!

Harrietville - it's Australian for Bluegrass!
Image634571458817177366Arizona’s X-Train, now on their first International Tour in Australia and New Zealand have WOW’d their first audience.   The band’s Mark Miracle has also been busy at the laptop keyboard and sends his first “Guest Blogger” Report from Harrietville.

"X-Train" is now touring Australia and New Zealand from Nov 15 - Dec 15. This is the band's first tour since becoming a unit and what a great way to kick things off. "X Train" is Ross Nickerson (banjo/vocals), Peter McLaughlin (guitar/vocals), Bob Dennoncourt (bass/vocals) and Mark Miracle (mandolin/vocals) - with guests appearing frequently. Ross and Bob have been here prior to this tour but this is Peter and Marks first visit to both regions.

Currently, we are in Harrietville, Victoria (Australia) at the Annual Bluegrass Festival held there, which runs from Fri - Sun with 35 acts on 3 (or more) stages over the weekend with "X Train" as the headline. Located in the hills, Harrietville is a seasonal village hosting to winter sports enthusiasts but also caters to folks all year round with places to sightsee and hike or just hang out and enjoy nature and friendly folks.
Enough of the "tourism commercial"…we came to pick!

"X Train" opened the show last night with a short 40 minute set to a modest but appreciative crowd. As with all Bluegrass folks, these people love the music and couldn't wait to come up and "shake & howdy" after the show and at the merchandise table. They like our diverse set of tunes, tight vocals and hot licks…but they (mostly the women) loved Bob's western style jacket! So we had him tell which boutique he bought it from…Victoria's something-or-other…hehe.

Official X Train AUS/NZ Tour tee!
Our first official gig "down undah" is now in the books and we will be here until Monday, where we drive back to Melbourne and then fly out to Auckland, NZ on Tuesday! More to come…g'day!

Check out Pictures of the festival HERE


Dave in Tucson said...

thanks for doing this blog Mark! You make it sound like great fun and I don't feel so bad missing out on your alls sweet sounds!

Judy Meade said...

Judy in Mesa...So glad to hear that Australians like your music as much as we do. We are proud of our Az band & wish them the best.
Thanks for the updates, Mark...