The “Mandolin Case” Author Uses “Bluegrass” To Cure Brain Tumor!

Image634581515436330000Dr. Tom Bibey is well known in the Bluegrass community. For years he has gone to festivals to play his mandolin for those who love the way music sooths the soul. He loves bluegrass so much he has been know to play his mandolin for his patients in the hospital.

He wrote a bluegrass murder mystery novel: “The Mandolin Case”. A lot of people liked it and he sold them at festivals, in bookstores, music stores and even on the side of the road as the word spread. Folks from as far away as Australia and Europe bought books as his fame grew.

He was hit with brain cancer.  Suddenly he was faced with all the fears and questions that his patients had asked him for years.
THE BLUEGRASS BRAIN TUMOR BOOGIE; A CANCER CURE is an essay Dr. Bibey wrote to explain things every patient asks when they face major health issues.  But most of all he shows you how to live the best you can under the circumstances.

Bibey says he was encouraged by his publisher to keep a diary after he received his tumor diagnosis. He later turned the diary into a way to help others.  In is almost daily blog, Dr. Bibey wrote last week,
 "My number one goal was the hope the diary would make some patient’s burdens easier to bear."
Dr. Bibey’s brain cancer diary is now on Amazon and they also hope to publish it in a booklet form soon.   You can look it up in Amazon under Kindle Store andBrain Cancer Boogie.”

After expenses are met, profits from this essay will be donated to several non-profit organizations that help those with serious health issues.

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