Australia’s Country Music Assoc. Adds BLUEGRASS to Awards Category

Image634572165633387366News from the Country Music Association of Australia is that their Awards Advisory Committee met in September and put forward a number of suggestions for changes to the awards that were subsequently put to the professional membership for a vote. The votes have now been counted and all of the suggestions, will be implemented for the first time in the 2013 awards.

The change for fans of bluegrass music comes in their 2nd item of note for 2013:  “Alternative Country Album”
Introducing this award recognizes artists who sit stylistically outside the mainstream of country. It increases the chances of winning an award for fringe artists who operate partially or wholly within the country music community such as Kevin Bennett, Lou Bradley or Karl Broadie. It also creates opportunities for artists who may have previously considered themselves too far outside the mainstream to consider nominating. Alternative country recordings by artists generally considered mainstream will also be eligible.

Alternative country is a loosely defined sub-genre of country music that includes acts that differ significantly in style from mainstream country music. It can be used to describe artists who push the boundaries of country music from the inside by incorporating influences ranging from roots rock, bluegrass, rockabilly, honky-tonk, alternative rock and folk rock. It can also include outsiders who love the sound and spirit of country music and reinterpret it in personal, contemporary, and idiosyncratic ways.

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