Prescription Bluegrass Looks at: “Give Me The Banjo”

Image634560453029720000Prescription Bluegrass CD Reviewer, W.J. Hallock took a look at Tony Trischka’s Banjo Project Documentary aired under the title “Give Me The Banjo”  this evening on PBS and filed this review:  

PBS has done it again!   “Give Me The Banjo” had me glued to the TV!  What a marvelous history lesson….. AND one that you can tap your toes to.

Steve Martin, in the last two years, has done more for the banjo than we may ever know. He’s doing today what Pete Seeger did to influence banjo players in the ‘50’s. Just how many fine players will someday be remembering that this musical experience was the catalyst that made the banjo part of their life? From detailing it’s origins in Africa to it’s musical importance for the last two hundred years, this special is just that ….”Special!”  This is a must see, for banjo buffs and history fans.
 "This film puts an end once and for all to all Banjo Jokes...the serious side of Steve Martin (a rare commodity) narrating this documentary directed by Emmy-Winning Marc Fields puts the Banjo in it's proper and respected place in American Music."
- Brian McNeal
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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the show. It was a factual and historical commentary. I thought it may be a lot of Steve playing the banjo, but no, the producers did a fine job and Steve was serious.

Walt Crider
York, Pa

Prescription Bluegrass Blog said...

Thanks Walt. It is rare that Steve would be serious but it just goes to show how diversified he really is.