X-Train Continues to “WOW” Fans Down Under!

Image634578885538160690Arizona’s X-Train, now on their first International Tour in Australia and New Zealand are thrilling audiences everywhere they go.   The band’s Mark Miracle has been keeping the “Back-Home” fans up-to-date with his “Guest Blog” Reports here on the Prescription Bluegrass Blog.  In his third installment,  Mark writes;

X Train's latest stop was in Thames, NZ where we played at the Kaueranga Valley Hall to a very appreciative group of folks, young and younger! The house seated around 130 and it was shoulder to shoulder seated as well as a small corner in which they kept the small children. They sang and danced during show and it was great watching them enjoy the show as much as the adults. We played 2 sets with a 3 song ovation…very cool!Image634578879914390690

Our accommodations were, to say the least, amazing! We each had a room to ourselves in a a large duplex home that sat on a hilltop overlooking the entire valley that lay below with the firth (shallow bay area) and hillsides with every sort of vegetation and livestock, including llama's.

Before the show, we ate dinner in an earthen home belonging to some of the volunteers that helped put on the show. I was reminded that it was Thanksgiving - very appropriate as all 20+ of us sat and ate together. We had fish curry with rice, beef stew, salads, breads and wine.

We walked the short 1/4 to the Hall where we spent an evening with music and new friends.

We have the next 2 days off so that we can make our way down to Wellington,NZ. Stopped along the way to see some sights including the Rotorua Museum and the Rotorua Lakefront. A quick stop at Lake Taupo and then overnight just south of there. I woke the next morning to have my coffee just to find Peter attempting to throw (several times) this poor little bird back up into this tree. He was sure that it was too young to fly back to it's nest and wanted help…I believe it was a Kiwi…(sigh).



Harrietville Photo – courtesy of Jean-Luc Leroux

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