Bluegrass and Country Artists in Virginia Get New Advocate!

Image634588607147840645VACM or Virginia Awards Country Music is a  new organization aimed at promoting country, gospel and bluegrass music in Virginia.  The new entity will also promote the artists who are adding to the state’s rich musical heritage.

According to founder and President, Tim Spears, “We think there’s a whole lot more stars to come from Virginia. If you think about it, all the way from Winchester down into Bristol, Nashville knows that this is one talented area,”.   VACM is currently accepting applications for membership and nominations for its inaugural awards in 2012.

Individual artists and bands can qualify for awards across the country, gospel and bluegrass genres.

Spears, the host of “Virginia Dreams Center Stage,” which will be debuting on RFD-TV in January, said country-music artists in Virginia “deserve to have their talents put out in front of people.”

“There’s a lot of talent around. What we want to do, our mission, is to bring this talent out, and not only that, but award them for what they do,” Spears said.

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