Claire Lynch Band Says Goodbye to Jason Thomas

Image634587915279830645Claire says, “It is with torn hearts that we say good bye to Jason Thomas - CLB member since April '07 who from the beginning upgraded and sweetened the band sound.  Together, we accomplished some great things and we say "thanks Jason", for a job well done. Our best to you and your family! We'll miss you in so many ways.

Jason’s Farewell Note:

Image634587912327430645Like many, I first heard Claire Lynch’s singing back in the early 1980’s on The Front Porch String Band’s landmark project. I instantly became a fan, and have followed Claire and the band’s music ever since. Flash ahead twenty-five or so years, and I found myself seated in a room at Missy Raines’ house in Nashville, surrounded by my heroes Missy, Jim Hurst, and Claire: “the audition!” It was a surreal experience, to say the least. As Claire put it, “From the first note together, it felt like "home" . . . groove is prevalent and we find ourselves moving to new musical levels.” I got the gig! 

So I jumped right in, touring all over North America, even to Europe, hitting many major festivals along the way. What an experience! It was gratifying to be in a group of this caliber, striving at every performance to maintain excellence and improve the music. As band members Missy and Jim moved on, I had the honor of working with another of my musical heroes, Mark Schatz, as well as the unbelievably talented Matt Wingate.

Now, four and a half years, thousands of miles, and two recording projects later, I find myself thinking about home and family, and realigning my priorities. I must thank my family for their love and support, but especially, my wife Beth, my 8 year old son Jacob, and my parents, for holding down the fort here at home and allowing me to pursue my musical endeavors. Beth has always supported me 110%, and as a talented designer, contributed countless favors to the band, from tweaking photos, to designing t-shirts and the “Watcha Gonna Do CD” cover. Thanks for everything you have done!

What’s next for me? I will continue to play music, much as I have the past twenty-eight years or so, playing in many bands, mostly here in Florida. I will continue to do recording sessions here in town, remote tracking at my home studio, more producing, and possibly even some teaching. My first student will be my son, Jacob! I was about his age when my dad first taught me how to play mandolin. It will be a refreshing change to be home so much more!

I have met and become friends with many good people during my time with the band, and I hope you will keep in touch. The CLB is in very good hands with master musician Bryan McDowell, and I look forward to hearing him with the band! I will miss many things about the CLB, but the thing I will always cherish the most is the music.


Jason Thomas

Image634587918707690645Claire Welcomes  Bryan McDowell to the CLB.

Bryan hails from Canton, NC - a master on three instruments, having won the unprecedented honor of first place in mandolin, fiddle and flat top guitar at 2009's National Flatpicking Championship in Winfield, KS.  This will be Bryan's first full-time national-touring stint.  You're gonna have to watch out for this young'n, y'all!  So glad to get in on the ground level with what I'm sure will be an illustrious career and a bright future!

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