Della Mae Guest Blog #2 On The Road to Switzerland

Image634585347430980000Currently we are driving from the Black Forest region to Schaffhausen, Switzerland to play at the Kammgarn. As we drive through the countryside we are passing a land filled with plowed fields in various stages of growing. Werner tells me that it’s mostly Corn, Lettuce, Rye and Wheat this time of year.
Minus the cobbled streets and clay roofs, the landscape looks familiar to me, having lived in Vermont my whole life. The food has been hearty, the people kind and our travels are going smoothly.
Last night in Reutlingen was fantastic! We played to a rowdy crowd of over 300 people and the show was streamed on the Internet. I am constantly amazed at the German knowledge of bluegrass and listening protocol. They clap after solos and we can see many of them singing along to the more traditional tunes. Image634585348740900000
We have no trouble getting them to sing along at the end of the show and so far they have been harmonizing quite beautifully.
Most importantly, they seem to be incredibly forgiving as we flub our many slowly practiced German sentences. I think we’ve given them (and ourselves!) a couple good laughs. For example, we recently learned after using it several times that the phrase “I love your shoes” is more like romantic love, and therefore sort of inappropriate. Oops! Probably made a couple people feel pretty uncomfortable….
The Jamboree has been exhausting but good practice for us as a band. We have a bucket list of songs to learn, we are practicing every day and are working through some more original songs. We are hitting our stride working with one another. I think this 18 day boot-camp is just what we needed to start 2012 off right.
If you get a chance, do listen to the other bands on tour with us. Eli West and Cahalan Morrison are quite inspiring, and the Deadly Gentlemen are full of energy and originality. Until next post! To Switzerland!

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