Della Mae Tours Europe!

Della Mae, currently on tour throughout Germany, has agreed to become “Guest-Bloggers” here and share their adventures with us back home for the next 3 weeks.  The group’s lead singer Celia Woodsmith sends us the ladies’  first report and we’ll remind you that you can listen in on a world-wide broadcast of their first show tomorrow night.  Details at the bottom of Celia’s post. 
The Bluegrass Jamboree is on the Road! After 21 hours of traveling from Boston to Dublin and finally to Dusseldorf, we have managed to get here in one piece. After bumbling through a couple supermarket transactions we sat down to wait for our sound-man Werner to pick us up. Though he claims he is just a sound-man, Werner also acts as our tour manager but more importantly he is the person we learn our many quirky German phrases from. I do hope that Greg Lizst of the Deadly Gentlemen uses “I have been a very bad dog” on stage. To our dismay “You are a very good looking audience” doesn’t translate so well….
Image634583455241870000After connecting with the Gentlemen we were introduced to our gigantic bus, and drove to Frankfurt to pick up the last of the acts, Eli West and Callahan Morrison. They flew in from Aberdeen after having been in Scotland and the UK for 4 weeks already. Hot Dog! And I thought 18 shows in a row was a lot….
After missing a whole night of sleep (Germany is 6 hours ahead!) we were delirious, and immediately fell asleep on the long ride to our first destination, Reutlingen. Upon arriving we met Reiner Zellner, the man who is the brains behind the bluegrass jamboree. He treated us to some Weiener Schnitzel and of course some local German Beer.
Image634583455769640000The Weiener Schnitzel is, no joke, a thin slice of fried and breaded meat that is about as long as my forearm. Almost impossible to finish except for the truly ambitious amongst us- the only Della Mae girl who finished shall remain unnamed J After our exhausting day, this was just the meal to facilitate a night of much needed sleep.
Image634583456154700000We woke up early today (12/1) so we could appear on a National TV and Radio program in promotion of the Jamboree. Sam Grisman and I gave the interview, which was mostly focused on what Bluegrass music is and the specifics of each band. Apparently the Germans love Bluegrass, so we hope to spread the gospel.
Image634583456421210000Currently we are on our way to Offenburg, where we play our very first show. I am listening to the Deadly Gentelmen practice as we drive and am learning songs already from various Jamboree’ers. Here’s to 18 more days of this! It’s going to be a wild ride.

ATTENTION: Again there will be a world wide live radio broadcast of the full first show of the tour. So all of you who can't be at this show can catch the music on radio Wueste Welle in Tübingen via Internetradio.

http://www.wueste-welle.de DATE: Dec 2, 20-24:00 (Central European Time)

RADIO LINK or http://www.wueste-welle.de/

(click on "on air" down left)

Photo from the Jamboree submitted by: Dieter Stoll


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