Della Mae’s Celia Woodsmith Gets European Guest-Blogger Honors!

After three guest-blogger posts here at the Prescription Bluegrass Blog from their European tour with the Bluegrass Jamboree, Della Mae’s lead singer and guitarist Celia Woodsmith has announced that she’ll also be updating the European readers on the European Bluegrass Blog blog.ebma.org/.   Prescription Bluegrass is proud of the ladies of Della Mae – as ambassadors of American Bluegrass in Europe, their music already speaks volumes and now they’re being recognized for some of their other valuable gifts.    We’re also eternally grateful to them for sharing with us.  Here is Celia’s 4th post.
Image634592769279560000A fter going on several 8-hour bus trips we have learned to love the bus. Bus time is free time. Most people pick instruments, sleep, write or listen to music. Courtney, who is still a student at Berklee just wrote her final ten page paper! I don’t know how she does it amidst all the chaos. We are currently heading up from the south to the middle of Germany, passing prime Hop growing territory. Only a couple more days until we make the long journey to Prague! In other exciting news we are now guest bloggers on the EBMA (European Bluegrass Music Association) website. What an honor! Thanks for inviting us to share our stories.
The show last night was amazing- I would even venture to say the best one yet. The crowd was rowdy and was the most age diverse audience we’ve had. We managed to sell a record 40 CD’s! In fact, everyone on tour has been selling far more CD’s than imagined. We came here with 240 and have had to ship another box to meet us in Bonn, which is close to Cologne. We can’t thank our fans enough for helping us to sell as many as we have. It is making Della Mae a more viable living for us, which is an enormous blessing. Image634592769556030000
Tonight is the 10th show! We have reached the halfway mark almost all in one piece. A couple instrument snafus here and there, but at least everyone is in good condition and spirits. We are all looking forward to traveling to Prague the day after tomorrow. At least a couple people are planning on pulling an all nighter just to see the city before we drive back into Germany. Yes, we’re crazy, but would you have it any other way?
In final news, today was Jenni Lyn’s birthday and as a surprise we stopped at the Haribo Gummi Bear factory in Bonn. You can practically inhale the sugar in that place! We plan on celebrating more when our sugar crash subsides.
Cheers to all you Bluegrass fans at home, can’t wait to see you in the New Year! We’ll bring home some Schnitzel for you.

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