Guest Blog #6 from Della Mae’s Celia Woodsmith

Della Mae is currently on tour with the Bluegrass Jamboree in Germany, Switzerland and The Czech Republic.  The group’s Celia Woodsmith has been updating us with periodic reports and files this report from Prague.  To read her earlier posts, click on the links at the bottom of this post.

Image634597985165880000Prague in 1 hour at 6am? I’m not saying it was totally satisfactory, but it helped to scratch the itch. All five of the Della Mae women woke up at 5:30 and walked down to, and over the Charles Footbridge, which was built in 1359. People were walking to work in the pre-dawn chilly air and the spires and domes of the downtown historical area were backlit against the horizon. Now I know why so many people told me that I would absolutely love Prague- I have to go back when I have at least 5 days to spare.

The show in Prague was wonderful, probably the biggest crowd yet. It will never cease to amaze me that there is a devoted crowd of bluegrass lovers in the seemingly most random parts of the world.

So many times I see people singing along to tunes like “Head over Heels” and “Columbus Stockade”. If only Mr. Monroe could know the ripples he created….

Last night in Dortmund Jenni Lyn was able to play a banjo built by Tom Nechville who coincidentally introduced us when we played the international suite at IBMA. It’s so cool to bump into familiar faces all over the world. Tom’s banjo had a wooden tone ring, which made the banjo much lighter and sounded awesome. Thanks Tom!

At this point in the tour we only have three shows left. I remember thinking on show 5 that we would never make it through. Now I am starting to feel nostalgic, everyone on the tour has been fun to travel with and we have formed more or less a family unit. Fortunately for us, and all you travel savvy folks, we will all re-unite again at Wintergrass this February! We’re excited to be on the roster.

Only one more blog post for us on this tour! See you stateside folks J


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To see more photos: Visit Della Mae’s German Tour Photo Page on Facebook.


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