History of Bluegrass Intertwined with Personal Memories Does Good Job!

Image634588655327220645While many would argue that the history of bluegrass music began with Bill Monroe and his band the Blue Grass Boys, that would be like starting the history of the United states with the second world war.

Obviously every musician is influenced by those who came before and those who are contemporaries and Monroe was no exception.   In her posting on Hubpages.com, Habee from Georgia gives a fantastic accounting of the beginnings and growth of the genre while intermingling some of her own personal experiences.

its first seeds came from the hills of Scotland and the green fields of England and Ireland. When the people of these regions began immigrating to America, they brought their customs and traditions with them, of course, including their music. Many of these folks wound up in the Appalachian Mountains, especially in the southern half of the range, including the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you listen closely to Celtic music and bluegrass music, you can’t help but notice the similarities.

Numerous videos also accompany the article which helps the novice reader to familiarize themselves with the music and serves the bluegrass fanatic with a collection of great video documentation of the genre’s best over the years.

Worth Reading and watching:  http://habee.hubpages.com/hub/The-History-of-Bluegrass-Music

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