New Song from Laurie Lewis Praises River Guides!

Image634588724765760645Laurie Lewis, a long time advocate of river rafting has found another way to combine her love of bluegrass and the water sport.  In a cleverly crafted Tongue-In-Cheek song posted on You Tube, Laurie pays homage to the many guides she’s encountered over the years.

We asked her for some comments and she sent this reply:

“I think it just came to me after falling in love with river guides of all stripe for years on river trips. They are the ones who feed you, sometimes clothe you, carry you safely down crazy rapids, tell you river lore, and generally are in great shape and lovely to look at, to boot. What's not to love?”

Watch  it here:

Laurie told her fans about the video in her monthly newsletter saying it was a “tender love ballad” for the many guides and to accompany the numerous photos she’s collected from her many river trips.  She also asked fans to let her know if she should “Take it down immediately”.     We’ll answer that Laurie – NO!…matter of fact….write some more and post them as well.    Thanks for a lighter moment and a few chuckles.

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