NewTown Releases New CD

NewTown is proud to announce their new self-titled CD has been shipped and is in the hands of radio programmers now. 

Image634584189267960000NewTown, comprised of Kati Penn on vocals and fiddle; Junior Williams on vocals and banjo; James Kee on vocals and mandolin; C.J. Cain on guitar; and Terry Poirier on vocals and bass; is a partnership that works like a well-oiled machine; each member tending to the music equally and each invested in the musical outcome.

But unlike most newly formed bands, NewTown took the time to discover their true selves before releasing any music. For three years, the band played countless shows all over the country, honing their craft note for note while finding their musical voice. 

The result is their new self-titled project which is a collective effort between all the parts of this well-rounded, well-versed, and extremely talented band.

The band's new CD, NewTown, produced by Brent Truitt is a collection of eleven tracks that perfectly sum up everything NewTown has to offer.  With all five members being equally versed on their instruments, four of the five offering up lead vocals, and the astute ability to seek out the perfect material for their band, Newtown proves they have the staying power to achieve long-term success in the music business.

The first single, "Water Under The Bridge" written by Guy Clark and Rich Alves has been very well received by radio and fans alike. But the entire CD is chock-full of "first-single" material. "Love The Way I Do" co-written by Jon Weisberger and Jeremy Garrett is a prime example of this and sets the tone for the CD with a full band kick-off right into the strong lead vocals of Kati Penn. Image634584197332070000

"Bridge" (Weisberger and Sarah Siskind) is an offering of the more contemporary side to this project a la Alison Krauss and Union Station. And while it may be easy to compare Penn to Krauss, perhaps it has more to do with her ability to hold her own with just about any other musician in the genre. Junior Williams proves his stamina on the banjo but also shines vocally throughout the project; not only as a forcible tenor but also as lead vocalist on such traditional classics as "Pretty Polly" and "Flora, The Lily Of The West".

Mandolinist James Kee steps up with his mellifluent vocal on "Must Have Been Crazy" while bassist Terry Poirier brings an old-timey sound to the mix with his version on "Angelita". And while C.J. Cain does not contribute vocally to the project, his guitar work is first-rate and in many ways, acts as a firm foundation for this very steadfast group.  The band is joined on the project by dobro master Rob Ickes on select cuts.

"I've been listening to Kati Penn sing and play for a long time, and she just keeps getting better--not just more skilled, but more thoughtful, and without losing a single ounce of energy and drive", states songwriter Jon Weisberger. "As a fan, I was happy to see her partner up musically with Junior Williams, and even happier when they put together NewTown--a group filled with musicians just as deep and as dynamic as they are. It's a privilege to have a couple of songs of mine sitting next to ones from some truly great writers, and as far as I'm concerned, their debut project is a fine piece of work from start to finish!"

NewTown will promote their new CD with a special appearance on Thursday, December 8th for the WDVX Blue Plate Special. The band will perform before a live studio audience at the Knoxville, TN Visitors Center and the show is broadcast worldwide online atwww.WDVX.com.

NewTown has been shipped to radio and will be in the hands of radio programmers this week.  It is also available via digital download at Airplay Direct. For more information onNewTown and their new CD including purchase options, please visit www.TheNewTownBand.com.

Track Listing:

1.  Love The Way I Do Listen Now!

2.  Water Under The Bridge Listen Now!

3.  Pretty Polly Listen Now!

4.  Bridge Listen Now!

5.  Trouble And Pain Listen Now!

6.  Must Have Been Crazy Listen Now!

7.  Angelita Listen Now!

8.  I've heard These Words Before Listen Now!

9.  Flora, The Lily Of The West Listen Now!

10. The Stone Was Rolled Away Listen Now!

11. Cold Iron Door Listen Now!

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