Old School Thinking Still Makes Good Sense!

We’ve often said there is something missing in today’s Bluegrass sound.  It’s the comedy that was so prevalent in the early days.   With every group these days jockeying for chart positions and the next “Hit” song, these fun, tension-breaking moments are often forgotten.   Not that there aren’t still some novelty or comedy being recorded or performed, it’s just that it’s so few and far between.  There just isn’t enough.   Case in point:  The newest self-titled Nothin’ Fancy CD  has a slew of fantastic songs - many of which are bound for the top of the charts, but the one we chose be first out of the chute was a novelty number called “Grandma Bought A Hog”.   It’s the one that caught our attention most simply  because of it’s uniqueness.  

So it was with a wink, a nod and a huge smile that we read Dr. Tom Bibey's (Author of The Mandolin Case-A Bluegrass Murder Mystery) post on his Bluegrass Road Blog from Dec. 11, 2011.   In his post Dr. Bibey says:

“If a fellow doesn’t have a natural lead voice if he’ll take on the novelty or comedy numbers he still have a role in the band. (That’s how I learned “I’m My Own Grandpa.” My son still plays and sings and it has all been a lot of fun through the years.

Hooray for Dr. Bibey!   Well Said!   To read the full blog post click here.

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