X-Train Back On Top

The Down-Under Tour is over for Arizona’s X-Train and the group’s Mark Miracle, who’s been Guest-Blogging for us on the road and from the bush, now gives us the final wrap!  Thanks to Mark and happy holidays to all of our new Aussie and New Zealander readers!


Image634595331793118893  The 2011 X Train Australia / New Zealand Tour is now over. We spent our final days at the Melaney Banjo Camp - hosted by Ross Nickerson and other local banjo heroes. A great time was had by all and now there are about 60+ banjo students all the wiser regarding banjo…um, stuff.

X Train played a 2-set show and a few impromptu sessions throughout the weekend and made a ton of new friends to boot. On one of our days off, we went for a drive through the small town of Melaney and sampled the local bakeries, coffee shops and art galleries.

We also spent about 20 minutes exchanging our NZ$ for US$ and talked with the teller all about our trip and the US. We made our way to a spot of rain forest and walked several kilometers to a water fall that was a local landmark. Several pictures, videos and leeches (yes) later, we made it back to the car in time to enjoy the rest of our final day at the camp.

Our final night in AUS was spent at the homes of our fearless hosts as we enjoyed plenty of food, drink and music - which was played by Mark & Peters kids consisting of a cello, viola, violin and guitar…very nice music! A late night and an early morning made for 3 weary travelers as we made our way to the Brisbane Airport to catch our flight back to Phx and Tucson via Los Angeles. 12 hours and several movies later, we landed back in the US and were soon darkening our own doors. The great time we spent is still swirling in my head. Now I have about 10 days to get prepared for Christmas…argh.

X Train will be playing a few gigs early in 2012 at the Casa Grande Bluegrass Festival and a few concerts/workshops in Phx/Tucson in the Spring! And maybe another tour will make it's way onto our calendar as well!
Happy Holidays to all - from X Train!

Mark has several videos of the band on stage at the beginning of the tour. You can view them on his Facebook page.

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