Arizona’s Premier Bluegrass Band Reunites after 30 Years! Fans Delight!

Image634642250295882882Yes,  for the first time in 30 years the members of Tucson, Arizona’s Summerdog bluegrass band will all be together in the same place.
Summerdog was formed in Tucson and was extremely popular throughout Arizona and the southwestern United States from 1973 to 1982.
From 1978 to 1982, the band recorded three albums, and toured the Western US. They played often in Tucson at the, now closed, Splinter Brothers Warehouse.
Four of the band are identified in the pictures (LEFT), the fifth is Tucsonan Ed Davenport, on bass and vocals, also a member of Titan Valley Warheads.
A former member of the band and the one responsible for the art work on the “Tucson” Album (used here on the “Listen Button” and poster below) was Tom Rozum, now Laurie Lewis’ singing partner and collaborator.  (see photo of Tom with the group below)
This will be a true reunion--two weeks before the show, they will be together in Tucson for the first time in 30 years, then get ready for Concert Night!
On Saturday, April 14th, five members and guests of Summerdog, with "newgrass," oldtime, swing rhythms, traditional and original songs, and fiddle tunes, will perform at El Casino in Tucson, with a large dance floor, and full bar.
Guests will include former Arizona State Fiddle Champing Peter Rowland, now living in Phoenix and some other hot pickers whose names are being held for a surprise. A CD of their early material has been premastered and will be available at the show.
From comments on the group's new Reunion Facebook site, there are still numerous fans scattered around the southwest who remember the old days and are looking forward with great anticipation for the chance to see the group perform live once again.
"About thirty years ago, Summerdog played some show in Northern Utah and you have no idea how much of an impact you had on me and some of the other local pickers who were just starting out. Have you "digitized" any of the Summerdog LPs? I'd love to have some of your music on my iPod! I'm sure others would as well." - a fan from Upper Utah
"I met my wife at one of those Barn Dances--We are still happily married." -a patron of the Splinter Brothers WharehouseImage634633468367434819
Even new fans are getting on board after being introduced to the band via their, now collector item, LPs (LP stands for Long-Play and was the forerunner to the compact disc).

Advance tickets will be available now at all Tucson Bookmans stores, Antigone Books and the Folk Shop in Tucson. Tickets at the door day of show will be $22.  For more information Click Here
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