Bluegrass Nation Logo Contest Explained

$500.00 Prize Offered!  Deadline – Feb. 03, 2012

Design a visual identity for Bluegrass Nation (BN), a new web community and social network being developed by the International Bluegrass Music Association. Your design should reflect both tradition and modernity intertwined. Create an iconic brand that will be universally recognizable for years to come.

Image634623117082086936Develop one logo with the full name “Bluegrass Nation” that will be used for the website header and branding at bluegrassnation.org.

Design a second, more abstract logo that will serve as a badge or icon simplifying the first “name” logo. Submit the logos together and keep in mind the two designs should be related and clearly represent the same network. Avoid cliché depictions of bluegrass. BN is one powerful way of short handing Bluegrass Nation for the icon logo, however, it is not the only way -- be inspired by brands like Digg and Reddit. Both versions of the logo must work when reproduced large and small. The colors of the design should be subdued in general. The depiction of "Nation" should not convey the United States specifically, because the mission and membership of the IBMA is international.

The most important guiding principle in designing the Bluegrass Nation logo is to fully understand that bluegrass music has many facets and is of many times and places. Born in the late 1940s, bluegrass has origins decades earlier. Many of the iconic shapes and designs that will always be part of bluegrass -- such as the scrolls of a mandolin or fiddle, the shape of the 5-string banjo, dots and frets, a Martin guitar headstock, etc. -- date back more than 100 years. Bluegrass was progressive music when it was invented and has maintained a tradition of breaking the mold.

BN will be a nerve center connecting bluegrass fans, artists and businesses to each other and existing bluegrass media allowing for shared content and comments across a variety of platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

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