Dan King Joins Prescription Bluegrass as CD Reviewer

Image634629121482642962Prescription Bluegrass is pleased to announce the addition of Phoenix, Arizona musician Dan King as a CD Reviewer. Prescription Bluegrass launched the CD  Review feature in 2011 as another element of service to the bluegrass community.  Reviews are posted on The Prescription Bluegrass Blog, NoDepression.com and on the Roots Music Report.

Dan King hails from the southwestern desert where summertime temperatures can range upwards of 110 degrees. Not much grass of any color grows here, let alone blue grass.
However there is music, and lots of it. A lifelong professional musician, Dan has played many styles ranging from Country to Jazz, Rock, and Blues. Bluegrass came into his life one summer afternoon when he found none other than Doc Watson churning things up on the local PBS station. The fire coming from Doc’s fingers helped set a new high that day, not for temperature but for Dan’s concept of guitar virtuosity.
Now Dan looks forward to utilizing his musical knowledge to share some thoughts on bluegrass music with the readers of The Prescription Bluegrass Blog. Drawing on the inspiration of his first dose, it seems to be just what the “Doc” ordered.

Up until now the Prescription Bluegrass CD Reviews have been handled by Oklahoma musician and songwriter, W.J. Hallock who recommended Dan for the opportunity,saying, “Dan is knowledgeable, involved, talented and always searching for new musical input.”    According to Prescription Bluegrass’ Brian McNeal, “…this is an exciting time and we’re looking forward to having twice as many reviews published with Dan on board”

You can read Dan’s first CD Review for the Prescription Bluegrass Blog HERE!

Bluegrass and Acoustic Americana artists wishing to contact Prescription Bluegrass about submission of CDs for review should write directly to the reviewers at:

Dan King: danking@prescriptionbluegrass.com
W.J Hallock: Reviews@prescriptionbluegrass.com

About Prescription Bluegrass:

Prescription Bluegass is a family of journalistic entities serving the bluegrass community with a weekly syndicated radio program broadcast over 16 different radio stations world-wide and the Prescription Bluegrass Blog which posts news of specific interest to the bluegrass fan and industry.

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