Della Mae Is Honored With First Review of 2012

...With “I Built This Heart,” Della Mae has kicked the door wide open, and they now have the bluegrass and acoustic music world’s attention!...

When Della Mae members “Sunny,” “Captain,” “Juggles” and “Rosy” decided to invite  “Squawk” to join forces with them, did they already know how magical the result was going to be?

Did “Squawk” have any idea how good a home she was going to?  It’s been said that #1,  all good things happen for a reason…..  and #2, that where a person is, is usually right where they’re supposed to be. It must be true, because these five musicians really sound like they all belong together! Go ahead…. go to their web site, order your copy of their new CD, “I Built This Heart,” and ENJOY! Their web site is the only place you can get it. It’ll be some of the best money you’ve spent in a while, and your “ears” will love you for it!

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