Monroeville’s Seth Taylor to Debut with Mountain Heart This Weekend

Image634617249249500000Multi-Instrumentalist Seth Taylor came to Mountain Heart Fiddler Jim Van Cleve’s attention when Van Cleve was working with the band Monroeville on production of their CD.   So when Mountain Heart’s long-time guitarist, Jake Stargel, announced last month, that he had plans to separate from the band, Taylor got the not.

Taylor will debut with Mountain Heart this weekend at the Temple Theatre in Saginaw, Michigan.   "We haven't rehearsed all together yet but I'm not even remotely worried," VanCleve said. "I've heard what he can do.”

Image634617248418930000Taylor brings more to the table, too,” VanCleve said.  During the Monroeville sessions, the fiddler noticed that Taylor could pick up any instrument and not just play it but pull out a world-class performance. It's something that will further stretch Mountain Heart’s diversity.

• What: Mountain Heart concert

• When: 3 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 15

• Where: Temple Theatre, 203 N. Washington, Saginaw

• Tickets: $31, $26 adults; $15, $13 students

• Info: 989-754-SHOW,templetheatre.com

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