New CD from Heather Berry and Tony Mabe Coming Next Month!

Image634632587805472857Mountain Fever Records is releasing "The Heather Berry & Tony Mabe Show" self titled CD on Feb. 14th.

Geoff Morris a distinguished DJ from Australia will be offering up the world premier of the record this coming Monday night on the WWB (WorldWide Bluegrass) where he hosts a show every Monday night.  Listen Here

Geoff has long been a huge fan of Heather Berry.  According to Geoff  "Heather is one 3 people that I could thoroughly enjoy listening to them just read a phone book". 

A representative from Mountain Fever Records will be in the WWB chat room during the show giving away CDs among other things.

Heather’s single from late last year, "Walk Slow" (written by Tom T. and Dixie Hall)  is part of this album. 

The Geoff Morris Radio show starts at 8pm EST and will include an  interview that he recorded with Heather and Tony last fall while visiting the USA .

“I think everyone that has ever complained about "modern music" or today's county should own this record. Heather has the a gift that most can only dream of.  No Auto-tune will ever touch a performance of hers as long as I still have a breath in my body.  She doesn't need it.” – Mark Hodges, Mountain Fever Records

Heather along with Tony Mabe (Formerly of the James King Band, Avery County, Jeanette Williams Band) are joined by Jamie Collins on bass and backing vocals.

Darrin Vincent joins Heather on one song (Remembrance Is  A Golden Chain), and Randy Cook plays pedal steel on a soon to be classic country song written by Tony's grandfather (“Tears and Roses”).  As the story goes, it was the first song that a then young Tony Rice ever played live on a radio show.

For more information, visit Mountain Fever Records Website

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