Bluegrass On the Beach Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary!

Image634637912401084819We heard from Larry Baker; who along with  his wife, Sondra, have produced one of the Southwest's more successful festivals.  According to Baker, the first 6 years were held at the LaPaz Country Fairgrounds just outside of Parker, AZ on the Colorado River and now they’re in their fourth year just up the road from Parker at Lake Havasu City, AZ.

Some of the biggest names in Bluegrass have come to know Arizona and the  Southwest thanks to Larry and Sandra Baker’s dedicated efforts to attract top name bands over the years.

“It’s a welcome retreat from the cold weather back home” said one snowbird who first came to Arizona to see this festival because of the entertainment value and the warm climate. “Now we try to come every year” she said.

“One of the nicest festivals around”, said another spectator, “The seating is always on a very large grassy area very close to the beach and the water….you can see the boats cruising up to listen to the music.” 

Wayne Taylor has performed numerous times over the ten year history of this festival, first with the U.S. Navy Band “Country Current”, and then after his retirement from the Navy, with his own group “Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa”

“…One would be hard pressed to find someone that runs a better festival.  Every time we’ve played one of their festivals I felt as though they rolled the red carpet out for us. A few of the greatest things about playing Lake Havasu and L&S Promotions’ Festivals- The sound reinforcement, stage and lighting are “Top Notch”. They have a great line up of diverse bands, Pro emcees, and they keep the show right on time. They have great food for the musicians, a huge audience of bluegrass lovers and supporters, wonderful late night picking, jamming with the band members, and very nice people to hang out with. What's not to love about that?   -Wayne Taylor from Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa






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So what's the daily and seniors entry fee to this event?

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