Lansing Band Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys Look for Funding To Record 2nd CD

...Hailing from all corners of the Great Lakes State of Michigan, Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys  are giving a nod to American traditional music, while boldy taking their own songs in new directions.  The group focuses on the original tunes of Lindsay Lou Rilko, which include true-life tales, and celebrations of love, life, and nature....
Kickstarter.com has proven to be a very successful way for independent musicians, artists and others with a project to obtain funding from multiple sources at anywhere from small to very large amounts.

Now a Lansing, Michigan area band, Lindsay Lou and The Flatbellys are jumping on board to help fund their 2nd independent CD.

The group has put all their efforts into a new batch of original tunes. Lou-Grass at it's finest! The songs are arranged, studio dates scheduled and ducks are in order...
"But in order to bring this project to completion, we need help with the cost of studio time for recording, mixing/editing, and mastering; the cost of CD production; and the cost of promoting the album upon its release."
This Kickstarter is their way of asking fellow music lovers to be a crucial part of the creation process.

On the creative side, the group has come up with some very clever incentives to help you decide just how much you wish to contribute.  For instance, at the $200 level, they say you'll get:
The Grand Scramble with Black Coffee - Lindsay Lou will also write and make a home recording of a song on the topic or personal story of your choosing. You’ll get a copy of the recording sent to you once it’s finished for you to listen to and name. (If the song is used on a future album it’ll appear under the name you give it!) …Plus everything that’s in The Grand Scramble.
...And for just another $100 you can get a home video of the song and the notes Lindsay Lou uses to write the song.   There's more, but rather than read about it here, check out the group's video pitch and the campaign donation site.

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