Peter Rowan Film Documentary Nears Completion but Needs Help!

The Tao of Bluegrass - A Portrait of Peter Rowan

Considered a cult figure among current and progressive bluegrass fans, Peter Rowan  is a one of a kind singer with an astonishing vocalImage634649025260290000 range and an instantly recognizable voice.  

He has indulged in, led or participated in a vast and impressive array of bands, musical collaborations, studio recordings, tours, workshops and festivals since breaking onto the scene in 1964 as guitarist and lead singer with Bill Monroe.

Now a film documentary in progress about this Bluegrass Icon is seeking donations to finish the film.   A Kickstarter® fundraising campaign has been launched by the film’s producer, Christine Funk.

The upcoming late 2012 documentary, The Tao of Bluegrass, weaves together what Peter learned from Bill Monroe and how the spiritual side of Peter has created space to absorb other cultures creating new sounds. Musicians he has played with over the years will be talking about his talent for songwriting, singing and guitar playing.

“I have known about this project for a number of years now, and am so happy that it is reaching the final phases. There is some incredibly great footage of this singular, creative and iconic presence in bluegrass. You owe it to yourself to help see this project through to completion.”Laurie Lewis

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Also highlighted throughout the documentary are geographical locations that have inspired many of Peter’s songs.

Interviews for the film include:

Vassar Clements, Tony Rice, Billy Bright, Sally Truitt (Planet Bluegrass), Sandy Monroe, Chris and Lorin Rowan, Manose (Nepali flute player), Rimpoche, Fully Fullerton, Tony Chin, David Nelson, Drew Emmitt, Hot Buttered Rum,  Richard Greene, Laurie Lewis, Ricky Skaggs, Steve Earle, Tim O’Brien, Wavy Gravy, Alison Krauss, Jerry Douglas, Sharon Gilchrist, David Grisman, Bryn Davies, David Rawlings, Jack Casady, Jody Stecher, Sam Bush and Larry Atamanuik...plus maybe a few more.

Thanks so much for watching and we are excited to edit and release this film for all of Peter's fans as well as educating the folks that don't know his music. His storytelling will inspire your imagination.

“I feel it is very important to record and document our American musical history, especially music that comes from our roots like bluegrass. Peter has evolved over his many years with his music away from and back to bluegrass. I feel his place in history is important to share with the next generation.   -Christine Funk 

The film’s producers are ready to edit and need your support to make it happen - questions to Christine Funk at christine@south40films.com

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Lee Shapiro said...

He is one of the great singers of our time. A true national treasure