Prescription Bluegrass Reviews “The Bill Monroe Collection” by Tony Rice

Image634640495475050000Tony Rice  “The Bill Monroe Collection”

Release Jan.31, 2012

Reviewed By: Dan King

. . .From the very first tune that comes charging out at the listener like the Tasmanian Devil from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons, this is a musical romp of the highest proportion. The tempos and grooves on the entire album are extremely tight and close knit, and the solos by all the players are breathtaking throughout. Tony Rice’s guitar playing evokes the imagery of a flat rock with a jet pack skipping down a mighty river over and over and over again, bobbing and weaving it’s way above the flowing waters, touching down just long enough to gain momentum for its next flight.. . .

. . . The fact that some obvious candidates like “Blue Moon of Kentucky” and “Uncle Pen” are not included here actually mirror Rice’s propensity in his playing to do anything BUT the obvious.

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