Rolling Stone Magazine Shows Interest in Steve Martin and Steep Canyon Rangers

Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers newest video premiers today exclusively on Rollling Stone Magazine.
..."I was impressed with David Hackett Fischer's book, Paul Revere's Ride, which gave the facts of a story that had been twisted throughout history. . . I was happy to write a song that told the truth of his ride, and tell the little-known story of what happened to Revere's horse that night." -Steve Martin...
The video is about the story of Paul Revere's horse.

This is the same song Martin wrote especially for the band's appearance last summer on the Washington Mall for the PBS special "A Capitol Fourth" and the same song the got millions of folks clapping and foot stomping around the world.

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers performed the song for the intimately shot video in front of a small group of fans in a tightly packed Williamsburg, Brooklyn loft.

The video also has exclusive interview footage of the band discussing their first interactions with Steve Martin.

Martin also celebrates the release of his new book today "The Ten, Make That Nine, Habits of Very Organized People. Make That Ten." Martin will appear on Good Morning America and Tavis Smiley on Feb, 22 in support of the book.

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