Spring Creek Update

What does the future hold for the individual members of Spring Creek after the announcement that this will be the last year for the band as a unit?

Chris Elliott has joined Blue Canyon Boys and is gigging with them full time all over the front range of Colorado. Check out the Blue Canyon Boys Here!

Image634657653388660000Alex Johnstone has joined forces with Finnders & Youngberg on the fiddle and is tearing it up with those bluegrassers now. Former Rockygrass Fiddle Champ Ryan Drickey is off in Sweden studying Swedish folk music so they were in need of a fiddler, and Alex happily obliged[Editor’s note: We got a message from bass player Erin Youngberg not to long ago announcing the band’s decision to ad the extra “N” in the name Finnders after so much effort had been put into getting their fans and the public to pronounce it correctly when there was only the one “N”. – correct pronunciation  FIN (as in Shark Fin) DERS.]   Check out Finnders and Youngberg Here!

Image634657654981010000And finally, Taylor Sims  has joined his wife's band, Bonnie and the Clydes, as the electric guitar player and provide additional vocals as well.

  Check out Bonnie and the Clydes Here!

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