Tony Rice makes guest appearance on new single by Brandon Lee Adams

Listen for “I Long For Seventeen” next week on Prescription Bluegrass!

Brandon Lee Adams sent us a note last week announcing the new single, saying; “I have a new single out now called ‘I Long for Seventeen.’ it was recorded live with me and my friend and hero Tony Rice. It has been mixed and mastered. Just two guitars and my vocal.

It’s been done before – adding a little “star power” to your recording so as to use the star’s name recognition and Image634661026489710000reputation to garner some notice from the industry and the public for one’s own work. 

Country Music’s Suzy Bogguss did it with her first LP when she asked renowned fiddler Vassar Clements to play on it.  The Grascals asked Dolly Parton to sing on their first CD.  It’s a proven winner formula for success if the first artist has their own talent and uniqueness.  It’s  a kind of jump-start into the business.

We first heard of Brandon Lee Adams after the release of his first CD “Hardest Kind Of Memories” over a year ago and since that time he’s managed to gain some high-powered notoriety  on his own.  He was included on the IBMA award winning album “Celebration of Life” for Skaggs Family Records and his album was featured in the March/April issues of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine.

Now Brandon Lee Adams is adding the frosting on the cake for us.  He’s boosting his chances for success by enlisting the aid of guitar guru Tony Rice for his latest single release “I Long For Seventeen.”   Not that he really needed it – Brandon is very capable of handling the guitar parts on his own as is evidenced in a very low-key home video shot horizontally  on an android phone camera and posted on You Tube.   It’s the only example of Brandon’s work we could find on You Tube.

Brandon added that the song is available to radio programmers through the AirplayDirect Download site.

Prescription Bluegrass will add the song to the upcoming radio broadcast which will air on affiliate stations the week beginning Saturday, March 3rd through Friday, March 9th.  Click here for stations and times.  Many stations repeat the program numerous times throughout the week so listeners will have about 25 chances to hear Brandon’s song and it’s a sure bet that many other radio programs from bluegrass to country to roots to Americana formats will  also be giving Brandon Lee Adams multiple spins on the air.    “We tested the song with our focus group and the response was ‘this song is destined to be a classic,'” said program host Brian McNeal.

The sound Brandon has made his own is certain to gain interest from across the world. The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influences exposing him to a wealth of music. He grew up listening to Hank Sr., Roy Acuff, Bill Monroe and Tony Rice.

His first foray into learning an instrument himself came when he started to play the guitar at the age of eight when his grandfather Robert Adams put his old Martin D-28 in his grandson’s hands saying, “Learn G,C and D. You’re playing in church this weekend.” After learning the chords and putting many grueling hours into his practice, he got his hungry hands on Tony Rice’s “Church Street Blues” album. This was the start of Brandon’s career.
To Brandon, it was not just playing the guitar, it was the song, the words, the vocal. His musical journey began while trying to learn Tony Rice’s works who had a profound influence on the direction his musical journey would take. Brandon started hanging around jam sessions demanding other musicians to teach him things he did not already know. He entered his first guitar contest at the age of sixteen at “The Vandalia.” Coming in sixth place, he referred to that day as an eye opening day.

Born in Charlestown West Virginia, Brandon spent his school week there but his weekends, holidays and summer breaks were spent working on a farm in Webbville Kentucky where he developed his musical tastes and interests. After realizing that making music was his main goal, he began to venture into various venues listening to Eric Clapton’s “Unplugged” album. He tuned into Vince Gill. New Grass Revival, and gained much respect for Alison Krauss. He also sparked an interest in Larry Spark’s “John Deer Tractor” album. One of his biggest inspirations as an entertainer was Jerry Reed while Tim O’Brien’s album “Odd Mann Out” made a huge impact on Brandon’s life. In Brandon’s words; “From that point on I knew I wanted to play and sing songs like Tony, but I wanted to write like Tim.”
At the age of seventeen, Brandon began to showcase his talents after winning a local talent contest which catapulted a milestone allowing him to perform at the Ryman Auditorium. Brandon knew this was where he wanted to be.

After High school and a job hanging dry wall, Brandon joined the Army giving four years of his life to serve his country. Afterwards, he came home and went to school for a while. His love for the guitar and his music won him yet another local contest. His talent with a variety of genre’s only added to his appeal and his unique sound started to find an appreciative audience while working and travelling playing in venues in Ireland and Canada. As his musical ambition began to grow, he got to meet and share the stage with such heroes as JD Crowe and Scott Vestal. And as if that wasn’t enough, Brandon took it upon himself to venture out on his own where he began to work on his first album, “Hardest Kind Of Memories.” From this album he wrote nine out of the eleven songs. He sang lead and did the entire guitar work as he produced his own album which was featured in the March/April issues of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine.

The song “Hardest Kind Of Memories” was voted a top ten hit for new country artists by Outstage.  Later, he was on the IBMA award winning album “Celebration of Life” for Skaggs Family Records.

Finally, after honing his unique sound over recent years, his goal is to take his music around the world to every corner that will listen until he can play no more. The satisfaction he gets from indulging in his passion has certainly reflected through his music while sharing the stage with Scott Vestal, JD Crowe, Randy Kohrs, Don Rigsby, Art Stamper, Ernie Thacker, Dave Evans and many more. He’s recorded with Tony Rice, Scott Vestal, Jesse Cobb, Randy Kohrs, and Luke Bulla. With a rhythmic undercurrent that bears testament to his unique playing, this artist is punctuated with passion to deliver what the heart wants to convey.

Ronny Cox, Actor, Director, Singer and Songwriter said; “Songwriting from the heart and masterful playing.”

Glenn Elvig, Artist, Songwriter, and Musician said, “When I first heard Brandon Adam’s music, it knocked me out! Clean, solid and honest! As a musician, I am in awe of Brandon’s talent. As a show promoter, I look forward to getting Brandon up to Minnesota to do a show! Top shelf music, staying power and timeless!

Dan Miller Editor, Publisher of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine wrote in the March/April issue, “Brandon is a triple threat.”

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