Trout Fishing In America Victims of Auto & Instrument Theft!

Image634637939365244819Image634637943041804819The eclectic 4-time Grammy nominated band, Trout Fishing in America , best known for family music and kids’ songs, is on the Victim’s List according to Houston police. 

The Texas duo had a van and numerous musical instruments, that were inside the van, stolen outside of a Houston hotel last weekend.

Songs like “My Hair Had a Party Last Night,” “18 Wheels on a Big Rig,” and “When I Was a Dinosaur” Image634637939766964819by the group have earned them a place in the hearts of kids and parents everywhere.

Now they’re asking for help from fans and the public to recover some truly prized instruments. 

The incident happened Saturday, and band members Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet are asking for fans to check nearby pawn shops to see if the missing instruments are there. 

Grimwood and Idlet met in Houston more than three decades ago and have been playing together ever since. They are now based in Arkansas, but still return to the Bayou City often for concerts.

More pictures of the missing instruments are on the band’s Facebook page.

If any of the instruments are located or if you believe you have information pertinent to the case, you’re asked to contact the Houston Police Dept. at  479-761-3630.

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