John Malcom Penn Releases Hangtown Fry CD

Image634668783720984000Discovering a songwriting artist like John Malcolm Penn is akin to stumbling across a pot of gold you had somehow missed. He has quietly been writing and performing his unrivaled style of music for years in the Southern California area.

John’s music is aimed squarely at the listener who enjoys truly original songs that are unique, introspective, at times funny and always thought provoking. There is something beneath the surface that commands repeated listening.

Be advised that John and his songs will sneak up on you. There is more than one ear worm here, and you will find yourself humming these tunes.

Image634668783176284000This collection of songs is a grand place to start on the way to becoming a true fan of Mr. Penn.  He wrote them all, sang them all and played all of the instruments. It truly captures who he is.

John came from the era of super trend changing creativity that was the California music scene in the 1970s. He shared the stage with personal friends and fellow artists such as Emmy Lou Harris, Rodney Crowell and Guy Clark.

He also worked with, and had a huge influence on, his long time friend and fellow label mate Steve Spurgin — who always has called him “Sleepy John” due to his relaxed approach to both music and life.

It is seldom that one has the chance to uncover a hidden gem, and Blue Night Records is proud to introduce you to John Malcolm Penn.

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