Prescription Bluegrass Has New Feature on California Bluegrass Association Newsletter

SImage634680883338330000omething new is appearing in the California Bluegrass Association (CBA) On-Line Newsletter. “McNeal’s Notes”, comments from Prescription Bluegrass Blog publisher and Radio Host Brian McNeal, that have appeared in the Prescription Bluegrass regular weekly newsletter will now be seen by all of the CBA members and guests who log in to their website.

McNeal writes about anything and everything he can connect to bluegrass or from which he can draw a lesson.

Sometimes the messages are just intended to cause the reader to think as is the case with the first post on the CBA website about using social media with more responsibility. Other times there is more of a call to action such as the article when McNeal addressed another publication’s light shedding on the IBMA (Read it here).

CBA webmaster Rick Cornish says McNeal’s Notes will be a weekly feature appearing every Tuesday in the associations newsletter.

You can find out all of the various topics and read the past Prescription Bluegrass Newsletters from the archive. (Click Here)

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