Record Store Day Gets Skaggs, Rice, Van Zandt On Vinyl

There’s some excitement buzzing around the Sugar Hills Records offices lately.  To help celebrate RECORD STORE DAY (April 12th), the label will be re-releasing a select few from it’s master catalog on Vinyl.
Image634673932620418849Sugar Hill Records is excited to announce that as part of Record Store Day 2012 they will be releasing three special titles in extremely limited quantities.

They have dipped into their catalog to re-introduce two of the most time honored records on the label to the vinyl medium - Ricky Skaggs’ and Tony Rice’s Skaggs and Rice (1980) and Townes Van Zandt’s At My Window (1987). 
Also being released is a special 7” from Americana eclectics Black Prairie (featuring members of the Decemberists) and special guests James Mercer and Sallie Ford. Record Store Day will be celebrated on April 12th, 2012.

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