South by Southwest Conference Is Launching Pad for Latest Mobile and Social Media Applications

Image634686363547324000We’ve reported before on this conference that happens every spring in Austin, TX but only as it has pertained to the bluegrass community. 

True, the SXSW annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival is much more than just one genre or even artistic discipline but their success is undeniable.  With that thought, we attempt here to venture beyond our usual bluegrass boundaries in hopes that our favorite music style can learn and grow from the best practices of another conference with similar goals.

Below is a  very detailed graphic of some of the most popular apps that have sprung from SXSW including the ever popular Twitter who began there in 2007.   The graphic is courtesy of Matt Anderson and his team at

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Please use the comment section below to give us your thoughts about how the bluegrass community could approach our industry  and annual conference using same or similar ideas.   Whether you may be for or against such attempts, please let us hear your views.    Thank You!

We've never been to SXSW Interactive, but our personal tech tools continue to be shaped by the apps launched at the hyper-social Austin conference: even Twitter got its start promoting its micro-blogging platform at SXSW in 2007. Twitter ingeniously mounted TVs along crowded conference hallways and streamed the latest tweets from SXSW Twitter users. The 160 word blogs demonstrated in real-time what people were thinking about that year’s apps, talks and featured tech. Since then, attendance at the world famous conference has nearly tripled and SXSW Interactive has earned its reputation as the truest proving ground for tech and mobile apps worldwide.

The thing with SXSW Interactive apps is that they’re built to seduce the average SXSW attendee, but aren’t always useful outside the conference. Among the top downloads this year were a slightly creepier version of Foursquare. With the new app, Highlight, you virtually ‘check-in’ places around the city and find the bar or theater your friends ended up checking into. The weirder part about Highlight (and what makes it new) is that the app can share your location and profiles with strangers. The app will notify you if there are other Highlight users around you, present their profile and share your location. This makes a lot of sense at a networking event with thousands of people looking to find relevant connections, but in any local bar Highlight would end up just freaking people out.

Considering the biggest apps from SXSW often become the next year’s gotta-have apps, we thought we’d do a graphic on the insanely successful start-ups launched at past conferences and help you decide which mobile app darlings of 2012 you really do need to get right now.

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