Oh give me a disc, a digital disc and give me a download too

So I can Wah-Hoo, Wah-Hoo. Wah-Hoo!

                                      -Parody of  Summerdog song

Fans of the 1970’s Tucson, Arizona Bluegrass band Summerdog have been waiting for this day for more than 30 years.  Vinyl Image634665391356047323LP discs on turntables started going out of use beginning in the 1980s when the compact disc with superior audio quality became available and record labels quickly began converting old material to the new format based upon the popularity of the groups and projected sales figures.  

This left a huge hole in the audiophile’s CD library when it came to independent artists, some of whom where no longer recording or even performing together as a band.   The independent bands just couldn’t afford to reformat and reissue their material. 

The fans were left with decades of pops and scratches from worn-out LP discs and worn-out needles.  Soon the turntable and stylus manufactures began discontinuation of their products and some of these fans of  independent bands were left without any ability to listen to the music.  Some were fortunate enough to make home copies onto CD from conversion software but still the old scratches and pops were also reproduced or else the filtering caused the music to sound tremendously over- processed and not at all what should have been a true representation of the original sound. 

Today, fans of the Summerdog Bluegrass Experience, Mariachi and Swing Ensemble are shouting ‘’WAH-HOO’’.   The much anticipated Summerdog compilation CD, newly re-mastered and digitized is here.  The group made the official announcement on their Facebook page, saying;

‘’(Fanfare, drumroll) Attention fans of Summerdog music: We are proud to announce the release of the Summerdog (Bluegrass Experience, Mariachi and Swing Ensemble) Compact Disc product!! The cover features the much beloved Summerdog logo (as seen on this very page), the artwork of Tom Rozum! Culled from their three vinyl LPs, originally released from 1978-1982, this digital compilation includes such favorites as Wah-Hoo, Riverside Slide, Black Smoke and eleven other "hits"!

If you cannot wait to purchase your copy at the April 14th Summerdog Reunion and have it signed by all the fellas, or sadly, cannot attend, your copy of this CD can arrive in your mailbox before you can say Whistlin Rufus! To find out how, send your inquiry to

To learn more about the Summerdog 30-Year Reunion Concert and Barn Dance, read the article in the Prescription Bluegrass Blog

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