Bluegrass Documentary Producers Need $23 Thousand in Ten Days!

Image634705089666701597The Porchlight Sessions feature-length Bluegrass music documentary directed by Anna Schwaber, has ten days left to reach its crowd-source funding target of $60,000. UK-based banjo retailer Banjos Direct, who are associate producers and sponsors of the film are urging Bluegrass fans everywhere to help the film's makers complete their project by pledging support on the Kickstarter funding site.

The project has raised over $35,000 but has only ten days to complete the process.

Director Anna Shwaber, who has criss-crossed the USA for the past several years making the film, said: "The mission of The Porchlight Sessions is to build a platform for the community voice of Bluegrass in cinema and multimedia. From the casual picker to the die-hard fanatic, we hope to expose a mainstream audience to Bluegrass in a way that is both entertaining and informative."Image634705076666847597

"Documentation is important to Bluegrass. As a predominantly oral tradition, it is necessary from time to time to preserve the vitality of the genre while capturing the spirit of the community from which the music springs."

A huge amount of effort and love has been into the film by Anna and her team, and the movie involves an amazing list of artists including the UK's Mumford & Sons as well as many of the greats of Bluegrass across the generations: from Del McCoury and Pete Rowan, through to Bela Fleck, Abigail Washburn and dozens more.

Nearly 400 individuals and organizations have already made pledges to support the film, ranging from $5 up to $5000 and more.

Simon Middleton, founder of Banjos Direct and Associate Producer of The Porchlight Sessions said: "The Porchlight Sessions is a beautiful, exciting and inspiring film. It's been crafted with care like a very fine handmade banjo: and it sounds as good as it looks. The filmmakers, led by Anna Schwaber, are doing something very special for the Bluegrass community as a whole. We really hope players and enthusiasts will help them to meet their funding target in the next few days."


  1. Banjo Stylin' : feat. Béla Fleck, Alison Brown, & Chris Pandolfi
  2. Abigail Sings an Old-Timey Tune: feat. Abigail Washburn
  3. The Porch of Bill Monroe: feat. The Porchlight Band Alison Brown, Todd Phillips, Andy Hall, Sierra Hull, Matt Wingate, & Brittany Haas
  4. Crooked Still: feat. Cooked Still
  5. Luthiers: feat. Robin Smith & Sim Daley
  6. Music City Roots: feat. The Porchlight Band
  7. The Ragweed Boys: feat. The Ragweed Boys

Pledges can be made at the Kickstarter crowd-source funding website from as little as $5. The filmmakers are offering a range of rewards to supporters. Pledges can be made online any time up to 2:56 AM EDT on Tuesday May 1st.

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