Prescription Bluegrass Policy Announcement

Promotion vs. Advertising

We've been asked more and more just recently why we didn't publish a story submitted to us at the Prescription Bluegrass Blog.

There are many reasons why we may or may not choose to publish any particular submission. But most of the inquiries fall under just one category; Promotion vs. Advertising

To that end, we've decided to publish a written version of the policy we've attempted to maintain since the beginning of the blog.

First we are a journalistic publication for the bluegrass community. Second we accept advertising revenue to support our efforts. It must be foremost in our minds at all times that those two purposes have inherent conflicts. When it comes to journalism ethics we strive to hold the line.

Our policy is to provide a news service to the bluegrass community with regard to anything bluegrass and that includes festival news.

The problem with festivals is that most of the time the public doesn't realize just who puts these on, or who is the major promoter. In many cases, festivals are presented by organizations that believe in the music and operate under a non-profit status – hoping to raise money for their association or other non-profit cause. In other cases, festivals are presented by commercial promoters – in business for a profit.

When festival news is submitted to us for publication we first try to determine their profit status. Non-Profit organizations normally get a different consideration. Commercial festivals get consideration when the content is truly newsworthy or more than just blatant promotion. Things like line-up announcements or changes are not bona-fide news content – anymore than the local McDonalds is having a new fry cook today because the other one called in sick is a newsworthy item.

New record releases are obviously content submitted by record labels who are in business for profit. We consider that the content is generally newsworthy when the announcement is first made which is usually several weeks ahead of the release date. On the day of the release, we'll normally get additional requests for publication. If we've published the story earlier, we don't see any news value in re-posting simply because of repeated distribution of the press release.

The Prescription Bluegrass Blog, Radio Show and Newsletter reach thousands of consumers every day, week, month and year at levels that surely have value to those who are making profits from bluegrass. We feel we add a lot to their chances for successful notification of the pubic of their news items. We therefore don't feel it is unfair to request that they consider spending some of their advertising dollars with us to accomplish their respective missions.

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