UPDATE on Buddy Melton

Buddy Melton, the Balsam Range Fiddler who suffered a head injury in a farm related accident and subsequent surgery, is finally up and around but it’s still slow-going.   The band’s spokesperson sent the following update on his condition and the new Balsam Range album currently in the recording process.

Image634688687378308000Well…As of Thursday…Buddy Melton is out of the hospital and seems to be doing very well. Sorry for the delay but it’s touch and go and we wanted him to get settled in peacefully.  He started keeping food down consistently and it’s really jumpstarting his recovery.  He looks fantastic and surprised us all by walking into the recording studio Thursday night as we started tracking.  You could have knocked me over with a feather. He said he was very tired of being cooped up and wanted to get out and about. But also get involved in the project..  He put on his headphones got in his booth and sang the fire out of the scratch vocals.  All of us, including Buddy, were all interested to see what was gonna happen when he sang. 

He came in strong! Singing like a bird! Nothing full voice for a while but it’s all there. Good as ever. Thank goodness! We’re so excited about Buddy coming around and we feel this is the best album we’ve ever done. There are amazing songs and all these guys have performed SO well.  We think this experience and your support has been inspiring.  We’re so excited and it’s getting very close to being finished! We sure hope you like it!

As far as seeing Bud … we’re telling him not to over do it…we want to him to take his time and be one hundred percent for a stage return.  Trying to avoid any set backs. His health and is the MOST important thing.  But he’s also strong willed and trying & achieving things has given him and the rest of us a huge shot in the arm.  We’re anticipating his return fairly soon.

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