UPDATE on Doug Dillard’s Condition

Last week, almost immediately after the news of banjoist extraordinaire Earl Scruggs’ passing we reported more sad news for the banjo world in that legend and pioneer Doug Dillard had been hospitalized   Now we have some better news to report. From Fred Robbins who has been in touch with Doug’s wife Vikki, we get this updated report on Doug’s progress.

Image634688826902928000From Vikki a few minutes ago...

Hello Friends and Family, to let you know that Doug is resting well in Vanderbilt MICU . They have done a wonderful job taking care of him and getting him back to semi normal..He is smiling a lot and knows he has a lot to be thankful for. He sends his love to all of you and his appreciation for your prayers that have been going on now for 5 days. He is sorry that he can't make it to Earl's funeral at the Ryman.  With continued progress he should be able to step down to a more regular room soon. Please keep the prayers going. May God Bless you all.

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Ron Blankenship said...

That's GREAT news. Hope the improvement continues. We all love ya, Doug.