Eight Dollar Mountain Releases First Full-Length Studio Album RIVERBOAT GAMBLER

Ashland, Oregon’s bluegrass quintet Eight Dollar Mountain has just released  their first full-length studio album, “Riverboat Gambler”.
Image634714724947414000The infectious sound of Eight Dollar Mountain is a unique style the quintet affectionately describes as ‘Southern Oregon Bluegrass.’

 It’s an exciting mix of driving bluegrass rhythms, monstrous vocal harmony arrangements, and impeccable songwriting. Recorded in early 2012, Riverboat Gambler marks a new and exciting chapter in the band’s evolution.

“Recording ‘Riverboat Gambler’ definitely seemed like the next logical step for us as a band,” mandolinist Phil Johnson says. “Getting in the studio was a very fun and rewarding process, and I am really excited to share it with the world.”

Recorded and mixed January 2012 with award-winning producer Bob DiChiro (Sweet Mercy Records), the group’s original songwriting, catchy bluegrass rhythms and melodic vocal harmonies fill the album. It’s sure to make a statement on the northwest festival circuit and any Bluegrass, Americana and music lovers within earshot.

The 12-track collection is filled with ancient tones, figurative melodies and dark, vivid narratives. It alludes to themes and images of generations past, all with a modern sound and swagger.
Riverboat Gambler is available on MP3 (iTunes, Amazon) and CD (CD Baby).  Broadcast quality tracks for Radio DJs are available at Airplay Direct


1. Soda Mountain Breakdown 2:51
2. Tied Down 2:56
3. Two Aces 3:10
4. Austin Midnight Lullaby 4:20
5. 35 Miles 3:09
6. Riverboat Gambler 4:25
7. Foggy Mountain Rock 2:41
8. Hold Me Tight 3:00
9. Freight Train Of Heartache 3:57
10. Remington Ride 5:15
11. Talkin’ ‘Bout Callin’ You 3:44
12. (Stranger In These) Walking Shoes * 3:24

All songs written and arranged by Eight Dollar Mountain, except for Foggy Mountain Rock (Graves/Stacey/Certain, Golden West Melodies, BMI) and Remington Ride (Penny/Remington/Ft. Knox Music & Trio Music, BMI). * Featuring Duane Whitcomb on fiddle
ABOUT THE BAND:Eight Dollar Mountain rises from the Cascade-Siskiyou Mountain region of Southern Oregon and brings you fine string music from the long standing traditions of excellent bluegrass.
The group’s infectious sound is a unique style they affectionately describe as ‘Southern Oregon Bluegrass.’ It’s an exciting mix of whitewater-fast rhythms, tasteful harmony arrangements and plenty of low-end thump. Their live shows are taking the northwest by storm.
“When you wake up the next day, the music is still fresh on your mind,” says resonator guitarist Mark Lackey when describing the Southern Oregon Bluegrass sound. “When I’m done with a show or rehearsal, even as a band member, the intensity, rhythm and excitement is still in my mind when I wake up. Sometimes I can’t even sleep at night!”
The group has been playing in and around Oregon for the last two years, firmly situating themselves in the northwest bluegrass and jam circuit.
“The group plays with a nice groove and energy, and it’s just plain fun to listen and dance to…you can tell by listening to them that they love what they do.” - Jefferson Monthly
“Something extraordinary is behind this band…each one of them contributes vocals to create a sweet, high, lonesome sound” - Ashland Sneak Preview
“An unusual subculture of young bluegrass converts…join them for a rip-roaring good time.” - Ashland Daily Tidings
Darren Campbell: Guitar, Vocals
Stu Green: Banjo, Vocals
Phil Johnson: Mandolin, Vocals
Peter Koelsch: Bass, Vocals
Mark Lackey: Resonator Guitar, Vocals

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