Honey Dewdrops Release “Silver Lining”

Image634781070258743918With their home nestled in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, the music of The Honey Dewdrops is subtly infused with the sounds and spirit of Appalachia. It's the kind of music rooted closely to home, but able to travel far and wide.

Sometimes you gotta get away to get it right. Husband and wife duo The Honey Dewdrops did just that in order to record their third and newest album, Silver Lining.

They set up shop on an old farm in Catawba, Virginia, atop a hill that looks east to Roanoke, and invited their best friends over to help tune guitars, craft songs, cook savory meals, keep the creativity flowing, make hot tea, and uncork the wine. The result is a remarkably homey recording that sounds so much larger than the two people at the center of the music.

Laura Wortman and Kagey Parrish, the husband-wife duo that make up The Honey Dewdrops, represent, viscerally, what most folk musicians aspire towards: they are deeply rooted in their community yet accessible to listeners everywhere. Their sound is transcendent; they write all their own songs and yet no one could ever peg them as just another singer-songwriter couple, not when they’ve embedded a sparse Appalachian clarity on every track.

“This is fresh, homegrown music but deeply rooted in tradition and most importantly it is really good!”  - Anne & Pete Sibley (Winners of the 2009 Great American Duet Sing-Off on "A Prairie Home Companion")

Like the Appalachian Trail that runs through their backyard, The Honey Dewdrops are one step removed from pure wilderness, and yet they capture a clarity that grabs listeners hard and strong. They are, without doubt, one of the sweetest honey-rich sounds you’ll hear this year.

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